Herniated Disc Treatment

If you’re looking for help with herniated discs in Plainview, NY, Dr. Barry Fabrikant and Dr. Carolyn Kibel at Fabrikant Chiropractic Office provide the care and treatment you need to heal.

What Is A Herniated Disc?
The spine is made up of a series of joints, and in between each joint is a cushion. This cushion is called a disc, and its purpose is to absorb any shock to the spine.

At times, strain and injuries cause the disc to be pushed out of the place or “leak out.” Age can also cause a disc to rupture, as discs naturally weaken over time. This condition is referred to as a herniated, slipped, ruptured, or bulging disc.

Symptoms of Herniated Disc
The symptoms of a herniated disc can vary, depending on the severity and the location. Pain associated with a herniated disc is often due to the disc putting pressure on a nerve. Without such pressure, there is a chance that you’ll have no symptoms, although there may be localized soreness from pressure on a muscle.

When the disc is pressing on a nerve, there is typically a great deal of pain and discomfort. This includes things such as:
- A dull ache, tingling, numbness, or burning on one side of the body.
- A jolt of pain from sneezing or coughing.
- Muscle spasms, weakness, or slow reflexes
- Pain that worsens after a specific activity, such as sitting, walking, standing, or bending
- Trouble getting up from sitting or getting comfortable while sitting
- Difficulty holding the spine upright, leading to poor posture

Common Treatments for a Herniated Disc
When you visit Dr. Fabrikant and Dr. Kibel at Fabrikant Chiropractic Office in Plainview, NY for herniated discs, your treatment will depend on your symptoms and the location of your pain. Some common treatments provided include those listed below.
- Spinal Decompression Therapy: This therapy stretches the spine gently to take pressure off of the nerves and help to pull the discs back into their proper position.
- Chiropractic Adjustments: Spinal adjustments and manipulations are designed to put joints back in place, relieve tension on the muscles and release pressure on the nerves.
- E-Stim: E-Stim or electrical muscle stimulation sends an electrical current to the targeted area, helping to address muscle spasms and nerve pain. It also helps to promote the body’s natural healing and pain-relieving processes.
- Physical Therapy: Physical therapy involves targeted exercises to strengthen weakened areas and relieve pressure on the nerves.
- Low-Level Laser: This therapy sends wavelengths to the target area, which promotes healing and can reduce the size of the herniated disc.

Don’t suffer from herniated discs in Plainview, NY alone. Make an appointment with Dr. Fabrikant or Dr. Kibel at Fabrikant Chiropractic Office by calling (516) 681-4567 today.

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