Electrical Muscle Stimulation

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Plainview, NY, is a type of treatment that sends electric impulses to your muscles to make them contract. Dr. Barry Fabrikant and Dr. Carolyn Kibel of the Fabrikant Chiropractic Office use EMS on their patients to both increase muscle strength and reduce inflammation.

How Does EMS Work?

During your EMS session, Dr. Fabrikant and Dr. Kibel will put electrodes on your skin to target specific muscles with electrical impulses that cause your muscles to contract. When your muscles contract, blood flows into the muscles, which can reduce inflammation.

The most common uses for EMS is the treatment of muscle spasms and strained muscles. EMS is also effective for keeping muscles active that have become weak due to disease.

Nevertheless, one of the biggest benefits of EMS is that it is able to pinpoint the muscle that needs treatment.

How Do Chiropractors Use EMS?

Dr. Fabrikant and Dr. Kibel might use Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Plainview, NY, in a variety of ways. 

Pain Relief

One reason why our doctors may recommend EMS treatment for you is for pain relief. Specifically, EMS can help to relieve pain caused by inflammation. It does this by stimulating blood flow to the inflamed muscles, allowing nutrient-rich fresh blood in and pushing exhausted blood out.


If your muscles are tense, it will be challenging to experience a full range of motion during your chiropractic adjustments. Therefore, Dr. Fabrikant and Dr. Kibel may use EMS to relax your muscles, making it easier for them to perform your adjustment.


Often when you suffer an injury, you lose strength in your muscles. However, using EMS on your recovery journey stimulates your muscles to promote healing and prevent muscle atrophy. 

Elevated Muscle Function

In certain situations, our doctors may utilize EMS to boost your muscle function if you are experiencing muscle weakness or imbalance. Specifically, when we target certain muscles with EMS, we may help your neural system readjust to sending electrical signals to those muscles. Doing so can help you to control your body movements better and lower the chances of added injury. 

Your Unique Needs

How Dr. Fabrikant and Dr. Kibel will utilize EMS in your particular treatment regimen depending on your condition and needs. For instance, if you have tight muscles and will achieve greater benefit from a chiropractic adjustment with more relaxed muscles, EMS may be recommended.

Call the Fabrikant Chiropractic Office at (516) 681-4567 to schedule your chiropractic appointment with Dr. Fabrikant and Dr. Kibel. During your appointment, our doctors will assess your current condition and determine the best course of treatment, which may include Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Plainview, NY.

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