Custom Foot Orthotics

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If you’re experiencing any pain from your head to your toes, foot orthotics might just be the solution. Learn more below from Dr. Barry Fabrikant and Dr. Carolyn Kibel and the team at Fabrikant Chiropractic Office in Plainview, NY.

Common Questions and Answers About Foot Orthotics

You’ve probably heard of foot orthotics. In fact, you’ve probably seen inserts at your favorite local retailer. Foot orthotics are a great solution to many problems people face, but understanding how they help and which ones to buy is key. Below, Dr. Fabrikant and Dr. Kibel at Fabrikant Chiropractic Office in Plainview, NY answer some of the most common questions to help.

What Do Orthotics Really Do for Your Feet?

Your feet have more than 20 bones, along with tendons, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. And each of those has a proper placement and function. When your foot structure is correct, weight and pressure are evenly distributed. However, if anything is incorrect in the structure, it can lead to a variety of issues, including misalignment, plantar fasciitis, overpronation, pain throughout the body, and more.

Foot orthotics help provide support in any weakened or troubled areas to address alignment issues, uneven weight distribution, pain, and more. They also help protect your joints from premature wear and tear.

Do I Need Orthotics If My Feet Don’t Hurt?

It’s common for people with foot pain to seek out orthotics. However, a problem in the feet does not always equal foot pain. It often shows up in other areas, such as knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain, and Achilles tendonitis. When you visit Dr. Fabrikant and Dr. Kibel for any issue or pain in your musculoskeletal system, they’ll determine whether it stems from an issue in the feet. If it does, they’ll recommend foot orthotics as part of your treatment.

Can’t I Just Pick Foot Orthotics Up At My Local Retailer?

You can, of course, but they are not going to do much. They might provide some general comfort, especially if you’re on your feet all day. However, if you want a solution that’s really going to serve you, you need custom orthotics.

You see, the ones you can purchase over the counter are made using a generalized template for the masses. The problem is that your feet are unique, and you need a solution that is just as unique. Custom orthotics are designed specifically for each of your feet, meaning they offer the comfort and support that you need.

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