Spinal Decompression

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Spinal decompression therapy is a non surgical treatment for chronic lower back pain and sciatic pain caused by degenerative disc disease, herniated disc or other deformities of the disc.

A spinal decompression machine pulls your spine lenghtwise with very precise amounts of force to take pressure off your discs. The core of a typical disc is highly pressurized ( think of a well inflated car tire). Spinal decompression table will dramatically reduce that pressure, encouraging the disc to retract back towards the center and pulling fresh blood and fluid into the area, which reduces inflammation on a nerve.

Spinal decompression therapy is meant for patients suffering from back pain due to herniated disc for more than four weeks. Those having recurring back pain even after back surgery, which is more than six months old, can also make use of spinal decompression therapy.

Medical researches have supported decompression therapy as recent studies have proved it to be safer and more effective than spinal surgery. Sciatica, spondylosis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, soft-tissue spinal stenosis, and facet arthropathy are caused by compression of discs. Spinal decompression therapy offers the best treatment for these conditions.

A bulging or herniated disc can cause excruciating pain in the lower back portion. This can be returned to the normal condition using spinal decompression. Spinal decompression lengthens the bulging disc by placing traction. This activity helps the disc absorb the nutrients required to heal the disc. This is done by producing a negative pressure inside the disc. Thus the pain and discomfort produced by the bulging disc is eliminated.

The cost for spinal decompression therapy is only about 10% that for lumbar surgery, which makes it an economical option. It is ideal therefore to opt for spinal decompression therapy for a more effective and safer treatment involving minimum cost and in minimum time.

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