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Before meeting the doctor I had suffered from terrible back pain.  Several years of pain and 7 chiropracors later I had given up.  But in the winter of 2013 I had my most severe back pain yet.  I could barely get into bed at night.  One false move and I got a wave of sizzling pain through my body.  At this juncture I had a stroke of amazing luck.  A friend recommended Dr. Barry Fabrikant.  Slowly, carefully and preciscely he explained the problem like no doctor before.  Dr. Fabrikant not only balanced and centered my spine, but gave me great and simple streches which he demonstrated for me right in his treatment room.  Not only did my back strenghthen and improve but to my amazement the  severe urinary incontinence I suffered with disappeared!.  It is absolutely amazing to me that such a  long standing problem I had thought to be permanent got cured , and I had not even mentioned it to him.  Oh, and to top this off, Dr Fabrikant does high level nutrition, conducts free educational seminars and get togethers at his office.  Dont miss this skilled and compassionate healer.  You will not be disappointed.

Alice M.   4/20/15

Dear Dr. Fabrikant,

Approximately 2 years ago I started getting unexplained headaches and malaise. After seeing several doctors and taking numerous examinations with negative results, my sister recommended Dr. Fabrikant. Ater several visits my headaches went away and my strength returned. Now I come back once a week for an adjustment and every time I leave the office I feel 100% better.  

Gary T.


Dear Dr. Fabrikant,

I had been living with intense pain in my shoulder and neck for over 2 years. I believe the problem was brought on by overuse of the shoulder area during aerobic workouts. After the birth of my daughter the problem became more apparent and was compounded due to many, many sleepless nights. My shoulder and neck became so bad I would wake up in the morning with numb arms and hands (pins and needles) and my shoulder so tense it would be up around my ears. 

To make a long story short, I consulted an osteopathic doctor . He suggested I take Motrin and wanted to give me me an injection of cortisone in my shoulder.  I was against this at first and asked if he could suggest an alternative.  He recommended physical therapy for 7 weeks.  After weeks of therapy my shoulder was no better so I went back to the osteopathic doctor, who convinced me that an injection of cortisone was the answer. So, I agreed. Not only was this painful, but there was no relief. 

 I met Dr. Fabrikant when I brought my nephew in to get an adjustment.  Right away I felt a genuine concern on his part to help and heal. By this time I had very little mobility and a lot of pain. I wasnt convincd that chiropractic could help because nothing else did, but I figured it couldnt get worse.  Afeter a few weeks of treatment, in the hands of a very skilled, caring individual. I had significalntly reduced pain and increased mobility in my shoulders and neck. 

I am totally convinced that chiropractic works and I also feel it is an overall way of promoting health and well being.  Thank you Dr. Fabrikant  

Carolyn L. 


Dear Dr. Fabrikant. 

A little over a year ago , I was working all sort of hours including the "grave yard" shift. I knew I had a slight curve in my lower back and that my neck was strained from standing over the computer terminal all the time. Each morning, after work, I would be be first in line to see Dr. Fabrikant or Dr. Kibel. Otherwise there was no possible way I could function or get a minute of sleep without an adjustment from these two wonderful people! I would arrive a crumbled chunk of tension and pain and then moments later - leave actually smiling ( sometimes singing)  and almost dancing and always feeling relieved and alive again! Chiropractors kept me living and breathing during a very stressful time in my life and now continues to be a weekly gift to myslef as I support myslef to be the healthy best I can be! 

 Love,  Nancy


Dear Dr. Kibel,

You are my greatest star! Why? Just because I feel great. As a result of the excellent care you give me, I to am a success in all I do.  It's three wonderful years of tender loving care from a great lady who loves her patients back to health, gives her best, always.   I would not be able to do my work, finish raising a family, do all the things I like to do, like dancing, boating, traveling if not for your care.  How can I thank you Dr. ? By telling everyone I come in contact , how great I feel and if it werent for you, I'd be home bedridden and super depressed......but, I am not. Thans to you. May G-d bless you back.

Evelyn D.


Dear Dr. Fabriaknt,

I could say thank you a thousand times and it still wouldn't be enough. I can't tell you how much all your help has meant to me.  The flowers I got were beautiful and the extra help with the vitamins was great too.  You're a Super Great Dr. and once again I thank you for all the help with my back. Keep up the good work and Happy Hanukkah to  you and your family.

Patty F.

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